Piss on it

The date was set,

The sun was out.

A perfect chance,

To run about.

The park, the sand,

the slides, and more.

A giant playground,

Kids galore.

Each mommy sits

amongst her peers

In peaceful space,

Her children near.

Peers, yet strangers,

sharing time.

Smiling politely,

Being kind.

For our dear children,

We’re in the zone.

In hopes they’ll play,

Leave us alone.

Precious small bodies,

Running with glee.

Each mommy proud,

Of her child running free.

Then the wind shifted,

And my back was turned.

The look on their faces,

Judgmental, and stern.

“Oh my,” says one mommy,

“Oh wow,” says another.

“Who brought that kid (pause),

And who is his mother?”

Another one sighs,

And then rolls her eyes.

I turn my head slowly,

And part of me dies.

His ass meets my gaze,

So blinding and white.

Almost obstructing,

the stream from my sight.

Standing up proudly,

His friends circle round.

Applauding, encouraging,

He holds his junk proud.

In the sandbox, he pisses,

The one meant for play.

Some kids, now excited,

The sand is now clay.

The walk of shame next,

Quiet cussing, dry tears.

An invisible sign that reads,

“Assholes stand here.”

The piss keeps on flowing,

An arched steady stream.

Momentum soon slows,

but then picks up more steam.

Why is this happening?

What does it mean?

An FU from the sky?

Meant for just me?

Our eyes finally meet,

And a stare-down begins.

The game is not over,

But it’s clear who will win.

Wrap it up Buddy,

Show’s over, nice work.

Can’t wait to get home,

To help wipe off your smirk.

Desperate raking soon follows,

Dry sand over wet.

Mr. Cool Kid can’t quite,

Get his pants up just yet.

Poor little Buddy,

Ran into a hitch.

Newsflash dear son of mine,

I’m not your bitch.

Head in my hands,

We walk away slow.

So proud of my son,

And his golden rainbow.

Tonight, I’ll drink supper,

and reflect on the fact.

That my kid thinks it funny,

To possess zero tact.

Today’s lesson is simple,

And one not to miss.

The world is your toilet,

Go ahead, take a piss.


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