Chapter 1

The sea was unusually calm.  The sky, crystal blue, had a quiet and magical aura to it.  Nature had come to life with the return of spring.  Birds were singing, squirrels were squirreling about like their bastard selves, the air was filled with pleasant scents of new life, and the promise of tomorrow had new meaning.

Yet, off in the distance, she found herself alone.  A fish out of water, flapping around on the shore desperately trying to flip flop her sorry ass self back to life in the sea, but to no avail.

There she laid.  Gasping.  Twitching.  Fighting.  Flipping.  Flopping.  Again and again and again with such urgency that the family of turtles peeking up from ten feet out suddenly felt sorry for her.  Their freakishly small reptilian heads quickly disappeared immediately after making eye contact.

She knew they weren’t going for help.  She could see them out there, shamefully hiding, passing a joint, and attempting to camouflage themselves among the weeds.

Her eyes, blinkless, desperately scream for help.

No one hears.

She begins to hallucinate and lose focus.  If only she could close them for just a brief moment, the world might not seem so unwelcoming and sour.  But she cannot.  Because she is a fish.  And fish don’t blink.  Ever.

As the unyielding rays from the blinding sun build in ferocity, her mind fixates on the absence of a moist eye.  The reality that she is physically unequipped to remedy such an unfavorable predicament is lost on her.  Her system is shutting down.  The stench radiating from her near lifeless body is gradually intensifying.  The air reeks of rotting sea life and the light sea breeze has picked up at an astounding rate.  Others will soon know.  Time is running out.

Staring out to sea with the one eye that isn’t buried in the sand, she imagines a tidal wave building on the horizon.  It can’t be real, yet her massive glass lips begin to form what can only be described as a tilted grin.

Acceptance and quietude calmly build within, offering a glimmer of something less laughable and absurd.

She stops flipping, flopping, flapping around like a fucking idiot waiting to be discovered and saved.  No one is coming for her, most notably the family of turtles lurking in the distance with their backs to the horizon.

Their eyes meet again and in true nonfish form, she winks at them.

Fucking turtles.



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