Mini me

It took my middle child an hour and a half to eat her supper tonight. 90 minutes. She is 6. She eats 3 things on a consistent basis without argument…PB&J, yogurt, and salami. I made tacos tonight.

For the past several years, I have went against health care professional advice and made her a separate meal from the rest of the family to plain and simply avoid any unnecessary conflict. Before passing judgment or offering suggestions, there is something you must understand. She is beyond difficult. She is stubborn, loud, argumentative, manipulative, and a true force to be reckoned with. She is THAT PERSON you fear meeting in a dark alley when you are all alone. She is smart too. She knows too much. It scares me…and my husband too. He said to me once in a very defeated moment, “I feel sorry for the guy she marries.” He meant it.

I have tried the “eat what the rest of us are eating or go hungry” approach, to which I fail miserably and cave each and every time. I have also tried the “well you can sit there then until you decide to eat it” approach, to which she does just that. Sits there. Unbothered and overly confident. She knows that I am not going to send her to bed hungry. What kind of mother starves her child? I have used bribes, threats, and several other questionable tactics of which I am not proud of.

I am weak. She is in control. God help us.


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