Nature versus Nurture

SARCASM (noun):  the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really want to say especially in order to insult someone, to show irritation, or to be funny (

My mom is reading my blog.  Although she seems quite entertained by most of the content, I think she is concerned that some people might be offended or overly distraught by a few of the comments I have made.  More specifically, she told me, “When I read that part about you wanting to throw your kids against the wall, I just thought (deep nervous sigh), Oh no…”

I am an extremely sarcastic person.  I don’t get people that don’t get sarcasm.  That said, my Mom is awesome.  I love her and she loves me, despite giving her several reasons not to along the way.  She has four children, of which I am by far the favorite (This is a sarcastic comment Mom.).  My Mom is the nicest and most kind-hearted person that I have ever met (This is not a sarcastic comment Mom.).  She is always concerned about what others may think and would never intentionally ruffle any feathers by saying something that might seem politically incorrect or rude.  This is an area where she and I differ to a tremendous degree.  I think she gets nervous when I speak. “Oh no Jill, you did not just go there, did you?”  Yes Mom, I did, and I am sorry.  Well not really, but nonetheless, I don’t want her to feel bad or in any way responsible for my inability to keep my mouth shut.  Clearly she did not pass this on to me, so please do not judge her for my personality traits.  I take full responsibility for myself.  Kidding.  It’s clearly my Dad’s fault…    

To my beautiful mother:  I promise that I will never throw my children against the wall.  Ever.  Not even when I really want to or say that I am going to…like on my blog.  Are we cool?        


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