Toy Story

I measure my success as a mom based on several factors.  Are my children respectful of others, do they say please and thank-you, do they have good hygiene, do they smile a lot, are they trust-worthy, do they play appropriately with their toys?  Let’s focus on those last two, shall we?  I have 2 girls, ages 8 and 6.  They have a lot of Barbie dolls laying around the house, as most girls their ages do.  Unrelated, I think my husband and I do a good job of monitoring when it comes to television and internet access so I know they are not exposed to “smut” via these devices.  Who knows what happens in school but they are in Kindergarten and 3rd grade so I’d like to think/hope that kids these ages are at least somewhat still innocent.  I’m probably ignorant, I know times have changed since I was in grade school, but I’d honestly rather be ignorant if it helps me sleep at night.

Here’s my concern.  Ken is always naked in our house.  You know…Barbie’s boyfriend.  Buck ass naked.  All the time.  No matter how many times I redress him (which on a weekly basis is a lot!), it never fails that the next time I stumble across him, he is in his birthday suit…again…smiling at me like I’m the butt of his sick joke (no pun intended).  But seriously, is he hot, should I turn the furnace down, does he need more breathable clothing?  These are questions I ask myself.  Surely my perfect children are not “exposing” him on a daily basis.  He must come to life when the lights are shut off and remove his clothing.  There has to be some explanation that does not involve my children being perverts.  Right?                 


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